P1000006Here at Vision Landscape Design we can provide you with a complete range of fencing services for better than trade price; these services include repairs, full installation or a supply-only service of all types of fencing and gates. We have years of experience dealing with a wide range of types of fencing, including the following most popular items.

  • Waney Edge Panel Fencing: A standard, low cost fencing solution. Panels can be set on timber posts or housed in concrete posts with gravel boards.
  • Featheredge Panel Fencing: A Superior quality to waney edge panels, installed in the same way. When installed into concrete posts with gravel boards, this is the most popular option and widely regarded best value for money fencing solution.
  • Picket Fencing: A decorative design which can be seen through style, usually no more than 3ft tall.
  • Closeboard Fencing:¬†Individual featheredge boards on cross rails either on concrete posts or timber posts. This is the most expensive form of fencing.